Saturday, May 23, 2015

Charlie Hunter Trio "Let the Bells Ring On"

Charlie Hunter Trio:  Let The Bells Ring On  CHT Publishing 2015

Charlie Hunter : Seven  String Guitar
Curtis Fowlkes: Trombone
Bobby Pevite : Drums & cymbals
Charlie Hunter

After first previewing parts of this album on Soundcloud I found myself going back to it again and again for the pure enjoyability factor. This is folksy, blues oriented roots music. Played in a frills free, unadulterated style that is both honest and endearing. Hunter has an inherent sense of how to make his seven string guitar sing  and Fowlkes gruff trombone voice is the perfect compliment to the Hunter gusty aesthetic. Traps master Bobby Previte plays in the pocket with unadorned punctuality and confident saunter. The music is gritty and cries out to you as being from the heart and the heartland, at times stinging, at times whimsical. A fun album you'll find yourself going back to this tableaux of songs for seconds. Check this one out.

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