Friday, January 13, 2017

More Things Baritone

Bruce Johnstone
As a follow up to my recent article Twenty-Five Great Baritone Saxophone Performances, I received some feedback from a few astute followers. The educator/arranger and saxophonist Bill Kirchner sent me a email after seeing a link to my post on Doug Ramsey Rifftides blog. Bill mentioned some fine baritone saxophone work from Clarence Hutchenrider who played with the Casa Loma Orchestra on a record titled Stompin' Around back in 1933. He thought I should include this performance in such a compilation. Unfortunately the link that had the recording on it was subsequently pulled from YouTube.

Bill also thought that I had inadvertently not given saxophonist Genn Wilson the recognition he deserved as a superlative improvisor. Glenn has played with the great Bob Belden's orchestra along with Bill and others. So in an effort to correct the record here is a YouTube of Glenn playing Sam Jones' "Bittersweet" at a festival in Illinois in 2014>


Saxophonist Dave Anderson had two more that I missed, one is the great Scott Robinson, on baritone for a change, on Bob Brookmeyer's album  Celebration  featured on a tune titled "Remembering."

Maynard Ferguson's baritone beast, Bruce Johnstone, whom I egregiously neglected to mention all together, is another talent on the big horn who should be included, Here he is performing back in 1974 with Maynard live on "Got the Spirit."

Hopefully this sets the record straight.

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  1. Ralph - thanks for the mention and including my video. Here's another one from the Jazz Showcase in Chicago with a little better sound if you're interested.