Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Jazz world Mourns the Passing of Hank Jones, Jazz Pianist

Hank Jones, the last surviving member of the jazz triumvirate of Jones brothers- which included brother trumpet, composer and big band leader Thad and polyphonic, rhythmic powerhouse Coltrane drummer Elvin-  passed  away in a hospice after a brief illness on Sunday according to reports in Times. He was 91 and he will be missed.

I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Jones at last years Jazz Journalist Association Awards ceremony where he attended. I got to shake his hands and they were cold as ice, so much so that he apologized for their iciness, undoubtedly a circulatory problem. But when he went to the piano the blood flowed to his fingers, always producing warm and sensitive notes with not the slightest bit of chill in them. Howard Mandell has a wonderful piece on Hank that you can link to here. .Hank R.I.P.

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